Covid 19 Has changed how we work, with restricted Travel, Work Visa
Complications, and staff being forced to work from Home. This has meant we
also have to adapt to a new form of talent acquisition.
The gig culture is now mainstream culture, and the virtual workforce is a
reality. Virtual workers are more than a reality, really – they may actually
be the preferred method of labour for many companies.

Higher Productivity

OWJ Services finds that working remotely adds to productivity. Traditional
management values may say “when the cat’s away, the mice will play,” but
these new stats say otherwise. Because the water cooler is no longer and
office politics are no longer an issue, people get things done faster. 86% of
employees surveyed prefer to work alone. Just as importantly, 66% of
management surveyed say that employees who work alone are telling the
truth – they actually are more productive.

Greater Efficiency
Not only are virtual workers more productive, but they are more efficient
as well (the holy grail). As mentioned above, fewer distractions can lead to
better outcomes. Not only does it cause a rise in work produced, but
the work that is produced is better, according to a recent survey. 30% of
workers surveyed said that working remotely allowed them to increase
efficiency. Another 24% said that virtual work was about the same, which
is cost savings for companies (overhead, insurance, time lost commuting,
sick days, etc.)..

Boosting Morale
Why do we see increases in productivity and efficiency in the virtual
worker? Morale also goes up, and this is likely connected. A recent Survey
found that 82% of virtual workers had lower levels of stress than
traditional workers. What’s more, the same study showed that 69% of
virtual workers were absent less than when they had to report to a
physical office.

Decreased Overhead
Even if a company gets only the same levels of productivity, efficiency and
morale, the company still benefits from the virtual worker. When
employees are responsible for their own housing, costs for the
enterprise immediately go down, according to Forbes. This is true even of
the biggest companies in the world. Aetna stopped paying for 2.7 million
square feet of floor space ($78 million) when it created 14,500 virtual jobs
for 35,000 employees. American Express reported savings of $10 million
when it began its virtual work programs.

Greater Employee Engagement
Many of the findings here may seem counter-intuitive, and this finding is
perhaps the most interesting of all. 87% of virtual workers feel a higher
sense of connection to the company than traditional workers, according to
the Harvard Business Review.

Going Green
The virtual worker is automatically a green worker, because the remote
worker has a lower carbon footprint. It turns out that less of the work
commute is a big deal when it comes to the environment. The virtual
worker created a decrease in the annual fuel consumption numbers of the
United States in 2013 by 680 million gallons, a respectable move of 0.5%.
Going green also helps to attract young talent to a company, because the
Millennial generation is very attracted to companies with a social
conscience. Freedom, or the perception of freedom is another very
important idea that will help attract young, elite talent, which is embodied
in the virtual worker concept.

Virtual is the Future
The virtual worker is a mainstream worker. 23% of workers are completing
at least some of their work from a remote space, according to the Bureau
of Labor Statistics. This statistic is corroborated by the New York Times,
which reports an even faster rise in telecommuting. Outside of America,
fully 79% of knowledge workers are virtual workers. 60% of virtual
workers stated that they would leave their current job for one with more
freedom to work remotely.

There is a rising number of upwardly mobile professionals who are
leveraging the Internet to work remotely full time as employees or as
When your workforce is global, then “the world is your office.” The stats
above show you the advantages of the virtual workforce. As long as you
have the right structure around them, you can look to reap many of the
benefits mentioned here!
Make sure that your virtual team has the infrastructure that it needs to
perform to its highest capacity. Get in touch with OWJ experts at
owjservices.com or oilworldjobs.org for a consultation on how to build
out your virtual communications strategy.

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Oil World Jobs Sdn. Bhd. (OWJ) is a world wide Independent Personnel recruitment/ Talent Acquisition Company incorporated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the vision of becoming a leading service provider in all fields.
In this changing world after Covid 19 we are all forced to look at how we work, thus we are introducing Virtual Workers, which will eliminate the Travel and Visa restrictions that we are all currently working under due to Covid 19 and also reduce the Companies overheads. We have now branched out to other Fields, so we can utilize our vast recruitment experience in many other Fields, Including Information Technology, Web Design, Accountancy, Financial Wealth
Solutions and Hospitality and of course we still cover Oil And Gas and adding more every day. This will be enabled through the bespoke utilization of our highly skilled and industry recognized Professionals and Teams working in an integrated manner, utilising our world wide data base of consultants.
Oil World Jobs is a full spectrum Talent Acquisition resource company focused on securing placements for staff and contract personnel, as individuals or on a managed project basis, across all the Oil & Gas disciplines.
The Company is managed by experienced and reputable technical local and international personnel from the industry.


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