The Problems We Solve

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

GRC is the integration of activities that enable organisations to
manage risk effectively, prepare for uncertainty and act with integrity.

Integrate the management of risk

We help customers improve ownership of business risk and put in place
the governance structures, processes, operating models, skilled
resources and tools to manage risk effectively. This includes building an
internal control environment to manage business risks in the most efficient way possible.


Improve risk visibility & predictability
We enable our customers to get a much tighter grip of the risks and
compliance gaps across their enterprise, by improving monitoring and
reporting. We then help them develop more sophisticated approaches for
foreseeing risks on the horizon and mitigating them with advanced automation.

Maximising the technologies that enable GRC
The matrix of systems and tools used to manage GRC has grown in
complexity and choice. Working with the SAP GRC suite as the core, we
help customers get the most out of their existing applications while
advising on future investments – through pilots, architecture design,
implementations, integrations, upgrades and enhancements

About Us

The Problems we solve

Cyber Security With critical business data flowing through SAP and other enterprise applications, cyber threats have dramatically increased. We help clients prevent these attacks and simplify the ways in which these systems are safeguarded

Manage growing access risk & complexity

For businesses running large-scale ERP platforms such as SAP,  security
is becoming more complex with more enterprise applications being
deployed beyond the core, which means that automated provisioning processes are now a must-have – and we can help.

Establishing an enterprise view of access risk
With increasing internal and external access risks, it can be a major
headache to create an accurate picture of user access across your
enterprise. We can implement monitoring and reporting tools, including

our own IdAM analytics dashboard to create a centralised view.

Balancing user productivity with compliance
Users need enough flexibility to be productive while conforming to your
security standards. With self-service, access governance, password
management and rules-driven workflows, you are able to enable the
business to manage themselves and their teams, balancing the need to work both efficiently and safely

Improve compliance with IdAM

By implementing cutting edge technologies such as Password-less
authentication, Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Multi-Factor
Authentication (MFA), we can help you achieve regulatory compliance,
across some of the latest regulations including GDPR, and PSD2

Controlling access to tighten security
We can help you better govern and manage access to systems and
resources, including privileged access, to improve your overall security
position – all whilst providing a much improved user experience for your employees, third parties and customers alike.

Improve your user’s experience

We can help you improve the experience your users have accessing
applications across your enterprise, allowing you to effectively enforce
your information security policies, whilst reducing the time your people
spend accessing systems and requesting and managing access.

Cyber Security

With critical business data flowing through SAP and other
enterprise applications,  cyber threats have dramatically
increased. We help clients prevent these attacks and simplify the
ways in which these systems are safeguarded

Get a complete view of your cyber risks
We’ll first perform a full vulnerability assessment and inventory of the
devices and software that make up your environment to identify the vulnerability points that leave you most exposed.

Embed data protection best practices
We’ll help ensure the privacy and integrity of your enterprise data is
maintained through Privacy by Design, controlled access and by implementing effective security policies

Eliminate application vulnerabilities

We review and manage your applications and underlying infrastructure
security to fix any vulnerabilities to critical cyber threats – including the OWASP top 10 and beyond.

Benefits of working with us

Reduced security & compliance risks

You’ll have the peace of mind that your cyber risks are significantly reduced –
minimising the potential for data theft and compliance penalties, such as the GDPR

Create a more cyber-aware culture

Cyber security is a company-wide issue, so we design, develop and
implement an information security awareness program, to make everyone aware of what’s needed to keep your business safe.

Continuous, end-to-end cyber security support
We perform everything that’s required to safeguard your systems from cyber
attack – including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, application testing, code reviews and host review services.

Minimising governance & administration
We’ll help you reduce your operational effort and governance with
centralised administration, continuous monitoring and comprehensive reporting across your enterprise landscape

Risks and Controls Automation

We can elevate your risk management process ensuring your
controls are as efficient and effective as possible – balancing human
intervention with automation – while maximising visibility across your
risk initiatives.

Improving controls through automation

Using exception management workflows, we help you to automate or semi-
automate your processes, so the necessary control rigor is in place.

Helping build a risk-aware organisation

We increase the visibility of risk management in your organisation, showing
how it ties into key corporate objectives – such as increasing profit and efficiency.

Application Security

Managing access to your critical enterprise applications, such as
SAP, is key to protecting them from internal and external threats. We
help clients build robust security measures to safeguard against
risks, such as downtime or loss of data.

The problems we solve

Once an afterthought in the implementation of ERP systems, security is
now a key concern due to easier access to systems and increased vulnerability. We can help you overcome the typical issues associated with application security.

Application security by design

We start with role and authorisation design and plan ahead of your
implementation to ensure the right security is in place to minimise your application vulnerabilities.


Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC).


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