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OWJ Service

is an accounting and business advisory firm and was established by drawing on the knowledge and skills of a group of professionals

An international accountancy and business advisory firm. A firm of Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors registered with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Ministry of Finance and Labuan Financial Services Authority (“LFSA”) was established by drawing on the knowledge and skills of a group of professionals.

Mission & Vision

You Should See Everything.

OWJ Services is well positioned to work with clients in solving business issues. OWJ Services has what it takes to bring our business partners to greater heights

How do we translate these capability statements into reality?

Carporate & Business Advisory
Tax Advisory
Human Capital

Our Services

OWJ Services is able to integrate the skills of our experts across disciplines and specialisations to solve clients’ complex business issues. We are organised around the following services providing multi-disciplinary services cutting across industry sectors and functional skill areas


Our services


Helping organisations achieve innovative and cost effective solutions with the objective of maximising shareholder value is fundamental to our Assurance side. Correspondingly, as risk, complexity and uncertainty define today’s business environment, organisations are compelled to drive, as well as manage change, in order to fulfil shareholder demands for maximum returns and enhanced value. OWJ Services will work with you to identify, assess and manage complex issues and risks across the whole organisation, or within any part of it

Our Services

Corporate & Business Advisory

OWJ Service provides advice and assistance based on financial, analytical and business process skills to corporations, government bodies and intermediaries in the implementation of their strategy. OWJ Services does this in an objective manner that helps our clients create stakeholder value, build trust and communicate with the market place. OWJ Service provides the following services to support clients through every aspect of a transaction in an integrated manner.

Our services

Tax Advisory

Experience. Judgment, Creativity and Innovation are the qualities required in identifying tax opportunities and developing innovative solutions to maximise tax efficiency. The tax professionals in OWJ Services are focused in delivering value-added tax planning services and working with you to develop innovative approaches and solutions to critical tax and business issues. The services that Tax advisory provides are:

Standard operating procedures (SOPs), policy manuals, operating procedures, company manuals, safety manuals, healthcare policy and procedure manuals, employee handbooks, health and safety, case management policies.

Our services

Financial & Management Information System

Implementing and integrating accounting software could be a risky endeavour, but only if you proceed without the tools to do it the right way. The project methodology adopted by OWJ Services will start you off on the right foot and lead our team through a successful implementation. Our approach, premised upon structured and well thought project plan, provides a strong foundation in ensuring agreed and timely deliverables. In short, we are the match maker for accountants and accounting system and its marriage process.

Our services

Human capital

Recruitment & Selection Our Recruitment and Selection, which includes permanent placements, provides innovative and creative staffing solutions to source and recruit for your manpower needs according to your requirements. Allocating specific solutions and approach, OWJ Services time tested approach for selections and recruitment to determine the suitability of the candidates by using specific tools and structured methods.


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